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Exploring Celtic Christan Landscapes in Cowal

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We’ve provided links to OS maps of our sites (using the OS overlay feature of Bing Maps , which unfortunately can only be accessed on Microsoft Windows devices), longtitude & latitude co-ordinates (using Google Maps) and three.word.addresses (using what3words). Now, that last one might be unfamiliar to you, but we think it’s really useful. We’re confident that you will too, so we’d like to introduce you to it. And who better to introduce it than the founder of the company? Please watch this 5 minute talk explaining the concept of a three word address.

We're using what3words, download the app here:

The possibilities of using a unique three word address for every 3 square meters of the earth’s surface are overwhelming. On the UK alone, since that video was published in 2017, the three word address system has been adopted by Mercedes, Ford, Emergency Services, Mountain Rescue, Shipping companies – and now Faith in Cowal!

For us, what3words solves a problem we had when describing important parts of the pilgrim sites and routes. So, at the top of each of our places for pilgrims pages, there are clickable icons that will open up the relevant map and show you the exact location of each of our pilgrim sites. However, we also need to tell you where is safe to park, where there are ancillary points of interest, where information boards can be found, or where alternative walking routes begin etc. It made no sense to riddle the descriptive text with clickable icons for each of the maps, nor even just one of the maps! And the idea of using OS references, or GPS coordinates was similarly jarring, and also somewhat off-putting to those who aren’t seasoned hikers.

But with a what3words address, it’s is as simple as saying: “Meet me at ///pine.apron.novel for the best pizza you’ve ever tasted!” It’s more visually pleasing on the page, and it’s easier to actually say in real life too! It’s also precise enough so that someone navigating to the aforementioned address, will find themselves standing outside of 21-25 Starbeck Ave, Sandyford Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1RJ – otherwise known as Scream for Pizza.

On this website, wherever three-word-addresses are used, they’ve been coloured red and preceded by three slashes. This is to differentiate from other links on the site as much as to make them easier to find if you’re lost and using your mobile to find out where you went wrong! Speaking of mobiles, we highly recommend downloading the what3words app: you can use it to save great camping locations on your favourite Scottish pilgrim routes; take pictures with (or without) the 3word address stamped upon them; and to navigate to any of the addresses we mention on this site.

The good thing about  w3w, is that you can open your navigation app of choice from within their app, or from their website – so it doesn’t matter if you’re using an Apple iThing, an Android device, or one with Windows. You can use what3words without downloading an app -simply click the links on our site and be taken to their website interface – but the app has extra functionality built in. Find out how to use the app with these tutorials, and click the icons below to download it from the Play store or App store.

Finally: this is not a sponsored post; we’re not being paid to promote w3w – we just love the concept and the ease of use!

We're using what3words, download the app here:

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