Video Showcase: The Cowal Pilgrimage

Exploring Celtic Christan Landscapes in Cowal

Dan Romani

Dan Romani

vlogger, photographer, web designer and passionate enthusiast for the wild and beautiful places - Faith in Cowal project worker 2020

We’re proud to announce the launch of our promotional video, which showcases all that The Cowal Pilgrimage has to offer. Versions of this pilgrimage (visiting at least 10 of our 15 sites) can be done on foot, by bicycle, in a car, camper van or motorhome. There’s every reason to #ComeToCowal and see for yourself – and no excuses not to!

This video was made with the generous help of:

Jim Ritche (Voiceover Artist)
Skye Beautyman, Gordon Whyte & Ciaran Whyte (Music Composition)
The eXp Youth Work School of Music, Dunoon (Music Performance)
subtle sensor (storyboarding and production)
CodeWordZebra (Video, Editing & Mastering)

It was difficult sourcing local people to act as extras during a pandemic and Lockdown, so we’re very grateful to the people who helped out by cycling, walking driving and picnicking for our camera crew!

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Stay Safe

Click the image for current guidance

Most of our sites are still open, and will make for a nice, socially distanced way to celebrate your faith, or to partake in a pilgrimage.


They are small sites, with small parking areas. If there is already a car in the parking areas, THINK TWICE about visiting. Perhaps try a different location. Don't stray too far from home (there are sites all over Cowal), and stay at least 2m/6.5ft away from other groups at all times. Please stay up to date with with current government guidelines (click the picture link).