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A saint called Muireadhach is commemorated in Kilmorich, the medieval parish church at the head of Loch Fyne. It is now impossible to say who this saint was. Gaelic sources reveal a number of saints of this name.

There was also a monk called Muireadhach in Columba’s monastic network or paruchia, who was probably the abbot of Kells, as well as being the lector (fer léiginn) of Armagh. In AD 1007 the Annals of Ulster record that he ‘vacated the successorship of Colum Cille for the sake of God’ (i.e. to devote himself to prayer and contemplation rather than to ruling a monastery). He died in AD 1011.

The patron saint of Kilmorich may be one of these men, or someone else entirely.

There is another old church called Kilmorich in modern Dunkeld and Dowally parish (NO002506), and a St Muireach’s Well nearby. Unfortunately we cannot currently tell if these commemorate the same saint as Kilmorich in Cowal.