Pray With Us

The pilgrimage to Cowal is not only an exploration of the past. Cowal is still well-served by numerous churches dotted around the peninsula whose communities welcome visitors.

Here is a list of churches with relevant information about services, contact details etc.


  • Kilmun Parish Church. Services: Sunday 12.00 noon. [Rev. David Mill]
  • Strone Parish Church. Services: Sunday 10.15am (except for first Sunday of the month) [Rev. David Mill]
  • Ardentinny Church. Services: Sunday 10.15 (first Sunday of the month) 2.30pm. [Rev. David Mill]  [Note change for summer months: in June all Strone-Ardentinny joint services are at Strone, in July all are at Ardentinny, and in August all at Kilmun (at 12.00)
  • Kilfinan Parish Church (linked with Kilmodan). Services: Sunday 12.15pm. [Rev. David Mitchell,]
  • Kilmodan/Glendaruel Parish Church (linked with Kilfinan). Sunday  10.45am (3rd & 4th Sundays of month) [Rev. David Mitchell,]
  • Colintraive Parish Church. Services: Sunday 10.45am (1st & 2nd Sundays of month) [Rev. David Mitchell,]
  • Kyles Parish Church. Services: Sunday 9.30am. [Rev. David Mitchell,]
  • Dunoon High Kirk. Services: Sunday 11.00am [Rev. Aileen Robson]
  • Innellan Church. Services: Sunday 11.30am [Rev. Aileen Robson]
  • Toward Church. Servces: Sunday 10.00am [Rev. Aileen Robson]
  • Dunoon, St John’s (linked with Sandbank). Services: Sunday 10.15am, and Sunday 6.30pm (evening service on the last  Sunday of month only).
  • Sandbank Church (linked with Dunoon, St John’s). Services: Sunday 11.45am.
  • Kirn Church. Services: Sunday 10.30am,
  • Strachur Parish Church. Services: Sunday 11.45 am [Rev. Robin Mackenzie,].
  • Lochgoilhead Parish Church. Services: Sunday 9.45am [Rev. Robin Mackenzie,].
  • Kilmorich Parish Church, Cairndow. Services: first and third Sunday of each month,  12.00 noon [Rev. Robin Mackenzie,]
  • Strathlachlan Parish Church. Services: Sunday 10.00am [Rev. Robin Mackenzie,].


  • Our Lady and St Mun’s Church.  Sunday Mass: vigil at 6.00 Saturday evening, then 9.00am and 11.00am on Sunday.  Weekday Mass: Monday-Thursday 9.30am; Friday 7.00pm [Rev. Sandy Culley].