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Pilgrim Passport

Collect your location stamps

Pilgrim Passports can be downloaded from this page (below) and printed at home, or collected from any of the six active churches on the Faith in Cowal pilgrim trails:
  1. Kilmorich Church in Cairndow
  2. The Church of the Three Brethren in Lochgoilhead
  3. Kilmaglash Church in Strachur
  4. Historic Kilmun (Church) in Kilmun
  5. Kilmodan Chapel in Glendaruel
  6. Kilfinan Church in Kilfinan

At these same churches you will also find self-inking rubber stamps, which can be used to mark off the places you’ve visited. These items are likely to be found near the entrance or near the visitor book. The Stamp will likely be kept in a sealed plastic container.

Example stamped after Completing St Brigit's Trails

We’ve designed the passport to be A4 sized and double sided. However, for printing at home you only need the inner section as that has all the locations listed. Click the bold text above to download a 2 page .pdf document that you can print at home. If you know what your doing, you can tell it to print just one page. Or if you have good thick paper or cardstock at home, you can tell it to print double sided.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, then click on the preview images below to download only the side you want to print! Once printed, there are faint fold lines printed on both sides, which encourage you to fold it into thirds. This is just a suggestion, for ease of travel. If you prefer to keep it flat, that’s totally fine!

Cover side. Click to download.
Inner side. Click to download.

Faith In Cowal

Claim your certificate

Pilgrim Passports can simply be kept as a keepsake to remind you of the time you spent in Cowal. There’s no pressure to collect all the stamps. However, if you do manage to collect them all, then you may be eligible to receive an official Completion Certificate.

To qualify for this, either download and print our Pilgrim Passport, or collect one from one of the six active churches mentioned above. Collect stamps as you travel, to record where you’ve visited. You could also take photos at each site and on the trail, and upload them to your social media channels making sure to tag Faith in Cowal and use #TheCowalPilgrimage hashtags. (The exposure helps us spread the word.)

When you’ve completed the pilgrimage, photograph your fully stamped passport, or link us to the evidence you’ve created on social media etc. Finally, don’t forget to send a message or email with the name you’d like on your certificate and the address we should send it to.

Once we’ve received your message, checked your evidence and confirmed your details, we’ll send out the beautiful completion certificate so that you have an official keepsake from your time on the Faith in Cowal pilgrim trails.

For full information on this, please refer to this blog post about The Cowal Pilgrimage Completion Certificate.

Cover side. Click to download.
Inner side. Click to download.