Journey by:
(assuming you're staying in or around Strathlachlan)

Once you have seen the medieval church of Kilmorie, now in ruins, you may also like to see Old Castle Lachlan before you leave, and then to take a twenty-minute walk along the shore to the north to see the remains of the medieval Kilbride Chapel – well worth a visit. Then return to Kilmorie to begin your journey north to Strachur – a distance of 11km by road.

Leave Kilmorie by the B8000 going north-east. The road forks at NS042974 – take the left fork, so that you have to spend less time on a busier road. But you will eventually meet that busier road, the A886. You will be on that road for 5km – go carefully – before you arrive at the medieval church-site of Kilmaglash, the church of Strachur parish.