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If you’d like to request a copy of Brilliant FlameSt Munnu in Medieval Literature and his church at Kilmun in Cowal (£3 to UK addresses including postage), then please use the same email address above, or write to Dr Gilbert Márkus at:

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A Celtic Cross in the graveyard at Lochgoilhead, the curch of 'the Three Holy Brethren'.
A fifteenth-century stone cross, damaged at the top, stands at Kilmorie

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Most of our sites are still open, and will make for a nice, socially distanced way to celebrate your faith, or to partake in a pilgrimage.


They are small sites, with small parking areas. If there is already a car in the parking areas, THINK TWICE about visiting. Perhaps try a different location. Don't stray too far from home (there are sites all over Cowal), and stay at least 2m/6.5ft away from other groups at all times. Please stay up to date with with current government guidelines (click the picture link).