A word with the Pope

Exploring Celtic Christan Landscapes in Cowal

Gilbert Markus

Gilbert Markus

ex-priest, professor of history, eminent academic, and the original Faith in Cowal pilgrim trails development officer

Pope Francis has been talking this week about pilgrimage.  He offers some images and reflections that will be of interest to the communities in Cowal who are welcoming visitors, and also to those who may like to visit us.  You can find a report of his talk here.  In particular I  like his image of  offering hospitality as an ‘imitation of Christ’ – who welcomed all who came to him.

“It is important that the pilgrim who crosses the threshold of a shrine feels that he is treated not only as a guest, but as a member of the family. He must feel at home, awaited, loved and looked at with eyes of mercy. Whoever he is, young or old, rich or poor, sick and troubled, or a curious tourist, must be able to find due welcome, because in each one there is a heart that seeks God, sometimes without fully realizing it.  We should act in such a way that every pilgrim has the joy of finally being understood and loved.”

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