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St Modan’s Well – found at last!

A century and a half ago the Ordnance Survey six-inch map showed St Modan’s Well on the hillside above Kilmodan (i.e. ‘St Modan’s Church’, the medieval church-site in the Clachan of Glendaruel).  The name suggests that there was a local

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Brilliant Flame – a new book on Munnu and Kilmun

Iona has St Columba; Whithorn has St Ninian; St Andrews has … well, St Andrew.  Major pilgrimage sites across Scotland are associated with saints.  And during the Middle Ages each of these saints acquired a kind of dossier of stories,

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The hunt for St Modan’s Well

A date for your diary.   Let’s go and look for a holy well, Saturday 27th June. Nineteenth-century Ordnance Survey maps showed a St Modan’s Well on the hillside above St Modan’s Church, Kilmodan in Glendaruel.  [They also showed a St

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The medieval land-holding of Kilmun: finding Achinlochir

There was a church at Kilmun in Cowal for centuries before 1442, but in that year Duncan Campbell of Lochawe elevated it to the status of a collegiate church and rebuilt it. Only the tower now survives.  Duncan  granted various

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